Tik Manager v3 Released!

After a long Beta testing process, Tik Manager v3 is finally released.

Tik Manager is a lightweight multi-platform and multi-software project management system.

It is designed for small-mid range teams and individuals.

Tik Manager is completely free for both personal and commercial use.

Some of the improvement in v3 are:

  • Single Executable Windows installer
  • Completely new settings menu with lots of options to customize
  • Re-designed Asset Library with 3ds Max and Houdini support
  • Transfer Central to transfer assets easily between softwares
  • Photoshop support
  • Mp4 conversion for all preview files
  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Tons of Bug fixes

Check the complete version history

Download (Right Click – Save As)

Windows v3.2.004download
Linux v3.2.004download

The details about usage and installation can be found in online help page

In order to upgrade from version 2.x you need to remove the 2.x files as well as SmManager or TikManager settings under user/documents folder.

Source code can be found in this GitHub repository

Older versions




  1. To Whom It may concern:

    I attempted to install the TIK application multiple times on windows 10 pro but it didn’t begin the installation. Is there a support forum available to post error messages or questions?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Chris,

      You may need to disable your virus software before installation. Some av softwares gives a false positive for it. This is related with the PyInstaller (the library which I use to turn python files to executables)
      If you write down your error messages I can help you further. You can join the facebook group as well for Q&A:

  2. This looks pretty good, thank you so much for the time and effort put into it.
    Is there any support for sequence-shot based workflow other than just naming your animation files with the shot names?

    • Thank you Spiderman,

      Actually sequence-shot based workflow is a little bit complex for small teams and individuals since it needs more nested folders. I agree it is a more suitable approach for relatively bigger projects but what I try to do is keep things simple as possible and a tool that doesn’t need to be learned. However, I am searching to expand the usage as the way you suggested without compromising simplicity. I would like to hear the ideas about the subject.

  3. Would this work with Maya 2022 python 3 or do you need to use the python2 on startup?
    Looks great, many thanks.

      • Test driving Tik going forward due to python2 issue on previous manager.
        Would it be possible in a future release have the ability to dock the manager?
        Great job, well done and thank you.

        • I was considered a dockable version but to be honest dockable UIs generally causing me more trouble than the benefits. However, I will give it another thought. Thanks

          • Hi there thanks for getting back. I’m sure it’s not an easy fix to make it dockable but I find that with so many panels that need to stay open during production even on a duel monitor, it’s just a nice and tidy feature to tuck it away but still have it operational.
            Ive used openPipeline for 15 years and then over to Pipeline2 but there is no further development going forward, so Tik Manager wins for me.

  4. Hello.
    I have just started getting an error on loading TM. Any ideas, it has been working well and cant see why it doesnt want to load from the shelf.
    Thanks for any help.

    from tik_manager import SmMaya
    tik_sceneManager = SmMaya.MainUI(callback=”tik_sceneManager”)

    # Error: NameError: file line 3: name ‘reload’ is not defined #

    • Seems like the shelf button is not updated. Remove this line from button command:

      And it should be ok.

    • It is working on 2022 (and pre-released 2023 as well)

      Make sure you have the latest version. The shelves may need a recrate too. So better deletr the shelf and do a re-install.

      • I am having an issue running it for maya2022, windows11.
        I have updated my usersteup file, and when I try to run this command:

        from tik_manager.setupFiles.Maya import setupMaya

        in a maya python tab, I get the following error:

        # Error: ModuleNotFoundError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2022\Python37\lib\site-packages\shiboken2\files.dir\shibokensupport\__feature__.py line 142: No module named ‘tik_manager’ #

        any ideas?

        • Seems like maya does not know where tik_manager folder is.
          There are 2 possible issues. Either there is something wrong in your userSetup.py or it is not getting called during startup. Can you try backup/rename your usersetup file and reinstall tik manager?

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