Tik Manager v3 Beta is Ready!!

Finally version 3 Beta is ready. There are lots of exciting updates and new tools in this version.

Contact me if you want to involve in the beta testing.

Some of the major changes are:

  • One single executable installer
  • All core files will stay in local machine. For shared settings, another location will be defined during the installation. This repository folder holds all shared setting files in your team.
  • Completely new settings menu which you can manage:
    • User Settings:
      • Project Favourites: Defines either the projects added to the favourite will be global or only for the specific software
      • Common Settings Directory: Changes shared settings directory, which is initially set during the installation
      • Color Codes:  Color visualisation codes for different softwares. Handy for quickly grasp which software’s tik manager are you working on especially when working on multiple projects/softwares.
      • Executable Paths: By default video files, image sequences, obj, fbx and alembic files launched by Tik Manager are executed using operating systems default executable. By defining executables, this action can be overridden. It is advised to override sequences with a sequencer viewer app like pd player.
    • Project Settings (Default Password: 1234): These are the project wide settings. Any change made here will affect currently set Tik Manager project
      • Resolution: Self explanatory
      • FPS: Self explanatory
      • Preview Settings: Take Preview settings for the particular software. If  settings menu is opened from Standalone version, all software’s preview settings are shown.
      • Categories: Add/Remove categories
      • Import/Export Options: Transfer Central obj, fbx, alembic import export options.
    • Shared Settings (Default Password: 1234): These are global settings which will affect all users in the team.
      • Users: Add/Remove Users
      • Passwords: Change the admin password
      • Naming Conventions:
        • Scene Name Convention: Naming convention for the future Base Scene file names. Wont affect the previous ones. The characters which are not inside <> will be used as it is. If you put “TestScene” at the beginning of the line, every base scene file name (and its versions) will start with “TestScene”
        • Template Folder: all of the sub-folders and files of the defined template folder will be used as a basis for the new created projects. This is useful if you use a certain file structure or extra files (like HDR of some templates, scripts, hda etc.) on every project you are working on.
  • Redesigned and improved Asset Library including 3ds Max and Houdini support
  • Transfer Central: This is a useful option to share data between softwares and team members. Supports obj, fbx and alembic files. 
  • Image Viewer improvements: You can right click import sequences into Nuke directly from Image viewer
  • Photoshop module: Include photoshop files into the Tik Manager system.
  • MP4 conversion support: previews will be converted MP4 as a background process. Preview file sizes will be reduced drastically with supreme image quality.
  • Lots of UI improvements



    • Hi,
      If you are using facebook, please join to the group:
      This is the beta testing group. Here I share the latest builds and everyone share the bug reports / feature suggestions.

      If you are not using facebook, please use the contact section to reach me and I will send you the links to the latest build.

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