Sequence Viewer Updated!

I have published a small tool to view and organize image sequences a couple of days ago. It turned out, lots of people were waiting something like this.

I have received dozens of e-mails, thanks everyone for all the feedback and support.

So, I decided to continue its development. Here is the new updated version:

Installer(Highly recommended): SequenceViewer_v0.1.1.rar

Portable version: sequenceViewer_v0.1.1_Portable.rar

Source Code: gitHub Link


  • Recursive option to list all image sequences under the selected folder
  • Double click to open sequences. (Windows defined application will be used to run the particular extension)
  • Use right click menu to send the files to Transfer location (Retains the folder structure and gathers all under a dated (YYMMDD) folder
  • Name filter to extra filtering. For Example if ‘Diffuse’ filter word given it will list all image sequences include word ‘diffuse’ (realDiffuse.exr[1-200], diffuse_AA.jpg[1-200]…)
  • Drag and Drop folders from windows explorer to quickly set Root and Transfer locations
  • Last used Root and Transfer locations will be remembered on the next run.

Sequence Viewer 0.1.1 Changes

  • New: Drag And Drop support to the Root and Raid lines. Folders dragged to these areas will update the paths.
  •  New: ‘Select All’ and ‘Select None’ buttons added for extension checkboxes.
  •  New: Name filter added. If a keyword entered to the area, only sequences includes those word will be listed. This area is not case-sensitive
  • New: Now Sequence Viewer has portable and install versions. Install version is highly recommended since it loads a lot faster. Both versions do not alter anything within the registry
  •  Fix: If no checkbox selected, lists nothing instead of everything.
  •  Update Directory structure is now can be sorted by date/name
  •  Update Database location changed to {User}/Documents/sequenceViewer/sequenceViewer_locDB.json
  •  Update ‘Raid Folder’ renamed as ‘Transfer Folder’
  •  Update: Name of the software changed from ‘Image Viewer’ to ‘Sequence Viewer’
  •  Update: Performance Updates
  •  Update: Lists the sequences in the root directory


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