Roller Matic – Maya Plugin to roll any Polygon object

This is the work in progress demonstration of a python plugin I have been working on for a while. It rigs any polygon object and makes it rolling.

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    • Thank you. I presume by offset you mean rotation offset right? There is a loop problem I am trying to pass to achieve that function. If I can overcome, the rig will another controller which you can offset and animate extra rotation and y axis translation.

  1. Wow Arda! That is awesome! Saw it on Lesterbanks.com and he mentioned you are looking for some feedback, so here it is:
    When you deform the torus, it looks like it penetrates the surface. Is there a quality setting that you could change to make sure that doesn’t happen? That is super impressive by the way.
    What could we do with it? Well obvious one would be car wheels, so how do you hook up the rest of the rig to the wheel. Maybe have a locator at the centre?
    Have you seen the movie Bolt? The hamster called Rhino rolls around in a ball, the Roller Matic would be perfect for that.
    What else? Well it would be nice if you could bake out a simulation of the object and then use Roller Matic to do some custom animation.
    Hope that gives you some ideas. I look forward to the release!

    • Thank you. Yes you are right collision is not perfect. As you have spotted, there are some penetrations at some cases. I think with the current method I use it is unavoidable. It should be kept in mind, this is intended to be a real time (or near to real time) approach. Still, I am trying to make it better.
      Actually car wheels are a different case. You can not animate wheels with this script (not with its current build at least) Car wheels have a fixed axis, they dont rotate like a ball. Some possible uses that came to my mind are rolling stuff down to an hill (rocks, eggs, etc.)

      • What if the object was rolling then hit something and started bouncing, would you be able to swap to hand animating when it is in the air and switch back to Roller Matic once it is on the ground again?

        • That would be nice to implement actually. Though imo it should be done via rig side, not plugin side. I’ll think about that, thanks.

  2. Hi Arda,
    This looks great! I am currently building something like this for a student film. Are you doing it completely with Maya internal nodes or are you using a custom ray-cast plugin? I would love to have a look at the current build, is that possible?

    Greetings from Germany

    • Hi, Thank you very much. I will publish it soon with the source code actually. Just trying to fix a couple of things before. The core is a plugin but I am not doing any ray cast with the plugin actually. Attachment to the geometry is handled by geometry constraint.

      • Hi Arda,
        would you consider allowing us to “Beta-Test” this for you? We are a student production in need of making an egg roll and would love to try out your tool.

  3. Such an innovative & handy script! Any chance this will be published soon? Would be cool to try it out šŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing well man! Cheers

  4. Hi Arda,
    is this plugin published?
    I encounter a rolling problem and I find your video in vimeo.
    I would love to try out this plug in

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