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I am regularly converting files or sequences into preview copies to share the progress of an ongoing project with the client.

I noticed that I have been wasting some time there, so to minimize that I have written a small tool to convert files and sequences to mp4 easily.

Installation is also extremely easy. Run the installer and follow the instructions.

After installation, there will be three new items in the right click menu.

  • Convert To Mp4(High) – “Same Resolution with the source file, low compression”
  • Convert To Mp4(Mail) – “1280×720 Resolution, high compression”
  • Convert To Mp4(Medium) – “Same Resolution with the source file, medium compression”

Simply right click to a video file any member of an image sequence and select one of the presets. Thats it. The video will be converted to the same folder.

Compatible Video formats are “.avi”, “.mov”, “.mp4”, “.flv”, “.webm”, “.mkv”, “.mp4”

Compatible Sequence formats are “.tga”, “.jpg”, “.exr”, “.png”, “.pic”

Download the installer: RightClickConvert.exe

Source files can be found in this GitHub repository

I have used Python and FFMPEG to convert the files.

If you are familiar with FFMPEG flags, you can change the settings for each preset by editing “conversionLUT.json” file at the installation folder.

If you want to reset the settings, delete conversionLUT.json and the default one will be re-created on the next run.

There is a known issue with some of the .exr files. If multilayered, ffmpeg may not like it. So always check the file you converted.



    • Hi, sorry it just uses the existing rate for videos and 25 for the frame sequences. But very good point. I should add that option to the json file.

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