Maya Scripts

Auto Animation Porter


It is pretty self explanatory. It ports animation. And it ports it automatically…

This one has probably the worst possible name a script can have. If anyone can find a better one I appreciate and change it gladly.

So basically what this python script does is this:

Lets say you have a loop cycle. A bird flapping its wings or walk cycle of an insect or any kind of animation or combination of animations. This script turns these animations into attributes which makes them very easy to animate and create variations.

Place Highlight


This python script mimics the Place Highlight tool in 3ds Max.
It makes easier to place highlights on specific points of a mesh surface.

Put the entire script on a shelf or run from the script editor.

-Run the script
-Select the camera, light and object
-Hit “Start”
-Script creates the rig. Move the “HighlightPosition” Locator where you want have the highlight.
-Hit “Finish”.

Aziz Light


A Simple mel script which creates a HDR-like light for ray-traced lighting. Basically what it makes is creating a plane with a shader which simulates the set lights.

It is pretty useful script to simulate real-stage lights with large gels since it is easy to adjust the edge smoothness and exact location in reflections. It also creates attributes to adjust the noisiness of edges. Best to be used in conjunction with other lights and/or HDR maps.



Very basic mel script which does exactly what it tells. It duplicates an objects and aligns these duplicates to other objects and parents them to the targets. It is useful to switch some objects with others.

Select The Source Object -> Select Target Objects -> Run the Script