Domestos – Preroll

This was not an ordinary project for us actually. First of all, it was meant to be a pre-roll video in youtube, which all of us tries to skip as soon as possible…

At first, our brief was to see the bacteria (Ishalus Mikrobus – Diarrheaus Microbeus??) in front of a school building. (the story is about a campaign which is between Domestos products and schools) The agency was planning to find and buy the school building as a 2d image since the budget was very limited. I claimed that the story will be too boring with only one camera angle. Moreover there was a good chance that the bacteria may would look like godzilla in front of a sharp school image. In the end, I came up with the idea to make a very simple photography shooting with the office equipments laying around and put a cg chalkboard on the back. They loved the idea and it actually turned out even better then my expectations.


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