My name is Arda Kutlu. I am a CG generalist and 3d Supervisor/Director living and working in Istanbul.

  • In 1981 I was born in Izmir and studied there until University
  • Between 1996-1998 I worked in a radio station. I had my own program which genre was hard rock and heavy metal.
  • In 1999 I moved to Istanbul to study Cinema at Istanbul Bilgi University where I built the basis of all my career.
  • In summer of 2002, I worked in a local TV studio and had the chance to do anything that can be done in a TV studio from preparing and editing TV title sequences to directing Sports News.
  • In 2003 I made my final internship at Sinefekt which is one of the major post production studios in Istanbul. I was in the compositing department and had the chance to learn Autodesk’s premium compositing software Flame.
  • I graduated from University at 2004 and started to work at ABT Istanbul as assistant Flame operator. Later I continued my work there as Flame Operator and 3d Artist
  • In 2008 I got married with my lovely wife Derya Engin Kutlu.
  • In 2009 I started to work at Sinefekt as Lead 3d Artist.
  • In 2012 I started to work in Imaj as Head of 3d Department.
  • Starting from 2014, I had chances to learn and practice high-speed videography. I involved in workshops and learned how to operate Phantom Flex 4K and BOLT High Speed Cinebot. Since then we are shooting and developing tools and machines to gap the bridge between Phantom and Bolt.
  • I am still working in Imaj Post Production as Head of 3d and Board Member, living in Istanbul with my wife and dog Eddie.